Congress Guide

Congress Guide

Please see below the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the virtual event.

Online Congress and Virtual Platform
The WSPID 2022 Congress will be a fully online event which will be held on February 22-24, 2022. Please note that Congress will start with 2 Pre-Congress days on February 20-21, 2022.
The WSPID 2022 Virtual platform will open on the first Pre-congress day – Sunday, February 20, 2022, from 06:00 АМ Eastern Central Time (EST/GMT-5/UTC-5) – Cancun time, to give the participants the opportunity to get acquainted with the platform functionalities.

Congress Time zone
WSPID 2022 Congress time will officially run on Eastern Standard Time (EST/GMT-5/UTC-5) – Cancun time. To convert the congress times to your local time click here.
When you enter the WSPID virtual platform, you will be asked to choose your time zone. This way, all sessions will show in your local time. Click here to access the explanatory video.

How to Navigate the Virtual Platform
View our video guide of the virtual platform. You will learn how to enter the virtual platform, how to navigate around the menu items, how to watch the live and recorded lectures, how to network with fellow participants, how to explore the virtual exhibition and many more.

What to Expect

  • The Sally Gatchalian Research Workshop
  • Bill and Melinda Gates’s Foundation special symposium on New PCVs: What’s on the Horizon
  • Joint Session with the European Scientific Working group on Influenza
  • Society symposia organized by AfSPID, ANZPID, ASPID, PIDS and SLIPE
  • Live sessions presented in real-time and Live Q&A with speakers
  • The WSPID On Air sessions
  • E-Posters on various topics
  • All content available at your fingertips until May 20, 2022.

Click here for the detailed scientific program.
*Note the live sessions will be made available on demand within the next few business days.

Pre-Congress and Congress Schedule

To view the Pre-Congress and the Main Congress program – please click here.
*Program remain subject to change.

The Sally Gatchalian Research Workshop (Pre-Congress Days)

The Sally Gatchalian Research Workshop will be divided into two parts and will take place on:
February 20 from 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM EST – Part I
February 21 from 1:00 – 4:00 PM EST – Part II
No additional fee or pre-registration required. All congress delegates are invited to join the workshop and take part in the live Q&A panels. Full information for the workshop can be found on the page here. 

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony will be streamed live on Tuesday, February 22, 2022, from 12:30 PM to 1:00 PM EST. Join us through the Scientific Auditorium, Sala A in the virtual platform at the time indicated above.


We are very excited to bring you the WSPID On Air sessions, an innovative new feature, a channel that we are launching at WSPID 2022. We are facilitating live discussions with the worlds’ leading experts on current advances and challenges in the field. WSPID On Air will include congress highlights, plenary keynote lectures, all led by professional chairs and members of WSPID leadership. Be sure to tune in.

  • Opening Ceremony – including the WSPID Opening Lecture “COVID-19 Vaccination in Mexico: Challenges and Progress” presented by Dr. Celia Mercedes Alpuche Aranda from Mexico
  • Young WSPID Launch – opportunities and mentorship program
  • WSPID Special Lecture: How to Prepare for the Next Pandemic? – Prof. Kathryn M. Edwards, a leading professor of pediatrics in the division of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, will present her lecture “The Successes and Challenges of SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines for Children”.
  • Napoleón González World Lecture – Dr. María Elena Santolaya de Pablo will give her talk on “Increasing Awareness of Invasive Fungal Infections in Pediatric Population”.
  • Closing Ceremony – Final words and introducing the next WSPID destination

Live Sessions

Click here to view the overview of the live sessions. To view live sessions in the virtual platform, visit the Live Sessions Auditorium.
All sessions are available to watch live throughout the Congress days and will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing for 3 months after the Congress.
If you are a faculty member in a live session, please read this information.

CME Accreditation

We are pleased to announce that WSPID 2022 virtual congress has been accredited with a maximum amount of 18 CME/CPD credits by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME). For further information on the accreditation and the received credits, please click here.


The virtual platform is designed to allow participants from all around the world to easily navigate through the hundreds of E-Posters and find your research amongst them. E-Poster presenters have been given the opportunity to record an MP3 audio file. Click on the poster to open the viewing window, then click on the magnifying glass to open the poster in full-screen mode (click ESC to close) and then zoom in and out using to the scroll button on your mouse to comfortably read all the details. All delegates can view the E-Posters at any time during and after the congress and contact their authors directly by e-mail by clicking the envelope icon on the E-Poster.

Social Events

In our new virtual world, we have prepared two exciting social events who will intrigue and help you to feel the Mexican spirit:

  • Get ready for an exciting Mexican Mixology class on February 23 at 12:45 PM EST, by famed barman Edi Newman. He will show us how to mix typical Mexican cocktails as well as some tips & tricks of the cocktails’ world!
  • Join a unique and magical show by Shane Black the multi-award-winning Mentalist & Mind Reader on February 24 at 11:45 AM EST.

Networking lounge and opportunities

Join the different public chat channels available or create your private channel. To do so, visit the Networking Lounge and click on the Chat button, then join the chat channel of your preference. You can easily open and join video or audio calls with your fellow participants within each channel.


Be active and win a prize! Earn points for participation – join live sessions, visit booths, download materials, watch videos, chat with attendees…. the more you do, the more you earn. Find more about the Leaderboard here.

Join the Conversation (Photo Contest)

Join the #MyMexicanWSPID Photo Contest and win FREE registration for WSPID 2023 in Durban, South Africa! For more information, click here.

WSPID E-Learning Portal

The WSPID Global E-Learning Portal is WSPID’s new one-stop shop for global pediatric infectious diseases online education resources. Access to the Portal is free of charge.

Find out about society activities at the WSPID booth, in the virtual exhibition.

Data Protection

Our privacy policy has been updated. To view the Privacy Notice, please click here.

Sessions with Spanish subtitles

The congress’ scientific content is bilingual and you can enjoy it in English with Spanish subtitles during the live days as well as when watching it On-demand in the next 3 months post-congress. Please find the explanatory video here.

Closed Captioning/ Transcript Disclaimer

Some of the scientific videos published on the virtual platform will be transcribed automatically using the “Automatic speech recognition” (ASR) feature in the platform.

Closed captioning and/or transcription is being provided solely for the convenience of our viewers. The WSPID 2022 Congress Committees and Kenes International Organizers of Congresses SA do not review for accuracy any information that appears in a closed caption or transcript. The WSPID 2022 Congress Committees and Kenes International Organizers of Congresses SA make no representations or warranties, and expressly disclaims any responsibility or liability with respect to, any errors or omissions in, or the accuracy, reliability, timeliness, or completeness of, any information that appears in a closed caption or transcript.

Virtual Exhibition

Don’t miss a visit to the virtual exhibition. Check out the latest updates from the exhibitors, explore the videos and documents available at each booth, ask your questions and chat with real industry representatives. Exhibition hours are no longer limited! The virtual exhibition is open around the clock for all time zones. If no booth representatives are present during your visit, you are welcome to use the “Contact Us” button at the booth.

Industry Supported Sessions

Click here to view the industry sessions that will be taking place during the Congress. Industry sessions are not included in the main event CME/CPD credits. Take advantage of the live Q&A and take part in the discussion.

Prescriber / Non-Prescriber

Support from pharmaceutical partners helps make this event possible.  As such, it is important that we comply with the various codes and directives relating to the manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of pharmaceutical products. The European Union directive (2001/83/EC, article 86) provides guidelines relating to medicinal products for human use. Within these guidelines is the restriction that access to pharmaceutical product marketing activities must be limited to only those participants licensed/authorized to prescribe or supply medicinal products. All participants, with the exception of the exhibitors, are asked the following question during registration: Are you licensed/authorized to prescribe or supply prescription-only medicines?

Within the virtual event platform healthcare professional authorized to prescribe prescription medicines will be recognized with a letter (Prescriber) indicated after their names.


Within the virtual event platform, all exhibitors (booth admins) will be recognized with a letter E (Exhibitor) indicated after their names.

Questions and support during the Congress
There will be live chat support in the virtual platform Plaza with real people to chat with you regarding any technical issues and/or assist you with any general queries that you may have.

We look forward to seeing you online!