Getting to Cancun

Getting to Cancun

Below you’ll find all the information necessary to arrive to Cancun as well as how to get around town

Cancun Airport

Cancun International Airport handles the second largest volume of traffic in Mexico. Since they have built the new terminal, Cancun airport can boast great modern facilities and equipment. It has 3 terminals and operates mainly flights to North and South America and Europe.

The airport is located around 20 km away from the hotel zone and is well connected to the hotel zone. You can find more information about the official airport bus service and ticket prices here.

Getting Around Cancun


It is very easy and cheap to get around Cancun by bus. You can catch a bus to most places within Cancun and there is a bus every hour from Cancun Airport to Downtown.

Buses in the city run every five minutes on two major routes – R1 and R2. Both lines connect the Hotel Zone with the city center. Lines R1 to R27 operate within the Hotel Zone but most of them don’t go further than Wet n’Wild, you will have to ask the driver for the direction, they are often happy to help tourists. A single ticket costs 8.5 pesos.


You can always find a taxi in Cancun, but make sure you check the fare before you get in. A list of regular fares can be found in the lobby of most hotels or you can ask the concierge. If you would like to take a taxi from the airport it’s highly recommended to use the official taxi service at the airport.

Taxi fares depend on how many zones you travel through, but you can always ask the driver in advance how much will he charge you to your destination.

Ferry Network

If you decide to explore the surroundings and go to Isla Mujeres for example, you can benefit from the ferries. You can take a ferry from one of the three stops located at a close distance within the hotel zone. Check the schedules and maps here.